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Consulting Services: staff training, curriculum development and organization development.


        Assist in developing collaborations between community organizations to improve service delivery.

        Design, develop, and facilitate practical culturally sensitive trauma informed groups for adult, young or adolescence males.

        Design, develop, and implement practical culturally sensitive trauma informed work training and/or workshops for professionals working with:

o   African American adult, young or adolescence males

o   Communities of color

o   Fathers

o   Families

Specialize in:

        Developing practical culturally sensitive trauma informed programming

        Working with African American males

        African American historical trauma

        Working with blended families

        Male development


Service Fees
$1500 to $5000 plus any travel expenses
Training and/or workshops:
$450 to $3500 plus any travel expenses
Consulting Services:
$150 to $375 an hour

Please call us at 612-721-0106 for more details.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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