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"It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow." -Ralph Ellison

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Components of Lifestyle and Attitudinal Change

COMMITMENT: To pledge oneself to change. Without the commitment to change most changes are unsuccessful.

AWARENESS: To change behavior you must first become aware of it. Options" become clear when we develop our awareness

HONESTY: Being totally honest with yourself regarding all parts of your life, like: associates, relationships, family, your job, etc. The commitment is very important because your "honesty" may dictate that you may need to change or terminate any or all of these

ACCEPTANCE: What do I have to accept for 'lifestyle/attitudinal" change? The most crucial of many things you will have to accept are what is referred as the "3 Ws'...- WHO, WHAT and WHERE AM I? By this it means at all times you have to be honest with yourself.

WILLINGNESS: Be willing to: be honest, accepting, consistent, stop trying to control people, situations, addictions, and Change.

TRANSITION: Life itself consist of a series of continual transitions, impact on your life, journeys both positive and negative, and you want to be aware of those changes/transitions to know what actions to take.

CONSISTENCY: Is defined as "Adhering to the same principals and practices daily". In other words, whatever you did yesterday to maintain abstinence, manage your anger, deal with your pain or stay away from self defeating behaviors, also do today, even if that means asking for and allowing others to HELP!! Consistency brings about harmony, peace, and serenity.

BELIEF/TRUST: Change, Commitment, Awareness, Consistency, Willingness, Acceptance, Honesty leads us to Belief and Trust in ourselves, which helps us feel Whole. So, one step isn't more important then the other, when walking on your path/journey to recovery.

No matter what we are trying change our addiction, anger or sabotaging ourselves. The only thing that will prevent anyone from making a quality and lasting "lifestyle and attitudinal" change is them!!!!!!!


I have been asked, and I have asked myself.. .why try to change things when they have seemingly gone to the pint where there is no help? Pollution, murder, war, and starvation in the world and we think we can make a difference?

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