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There are three indicators of addiction: INSATIABILITY, LOSS OF CONTROL, and CONTINUING USE or TRYING TO CONTROL mood altering chemicals, people or objects.




Can't do without the drug/alcohol, person, object, and will do almost anything to get it. Even take someone's life!!!

When drugs/alcohol, relationship or object interfere with your physical health, cause memory loss or some other physical function. Perhaps you are losing control of relationships, emotions (especially sadness or anger),or your ability to work consistently, effectively, or competently.

This is the indicator that usually brings the person in to seek help. This is when you begin to question your chemical use/ abuse, relationship, obsession with an object as a result of being pressured by family members, employer, spouse/ significant other or the legal system.

Are you abusing chemical?

When you think about changing or leaving a relationship, you feel afraid and cling to it even harder?

Are you using chemicals to deal with physical or emotional pain in your life?

Have others been concerned about your behavior and/or chemical use?

Have you stopped using chemicals but still having problems in your Life?

If you answered yes to one or some of these questions, you maybe dealing with addiction. Addition has many faces and that can be, a chemical, a person, a object or a thing. It can and will many times effect us phyically, emotionally and spiritually. The one most talked about addition is chemical addiction such as alcohol or drugs. It has been said for many years that " addiction " is cunning and baffling, however, it can also be said that "addiction" has destroyed more families, relationships and ones self esteem.

Are you jeopardizing or sabotaging something that is very important to you, such as a relationship or employment, are you beginning to feel the pain involved in the risk you are taking ? It is this pain that has you considering help. I can help you stop the pain and make the change!!!

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"When you know you are thinking, saying or doing things that are unhealthy or unproductive, you must do more than know. There must be a genuine, loving support for the "self" to make a change. Change does not mean replacing one bad habit for another. It does not mean beating up on yourself or feeling guilty or ashamed. Change means voluntarily removing yourself from the people and environment that support you in remaining unhealthy. Change means identifying what you are doing, recognizing when you are doing it and gently guiding yourself to do something else. Change means not making excuses for yourself, but doing exactly what you say you will do. When you support yourself in making needed changes, you are supporting your own growth. Growth is the commitment to being, doing and having the best."

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