Conference Survey Report

Day One Highlights
Day Two Highlights
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Conference Survey Report
Black Men Healing Conferences
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        32% was Male and 62% Female.

        65% was African American and 30% was Non-African American.

        84% work with African American men.

        86% attended both days of the conference.


        97% stated they clearly understood conference goals and expectations.

        92% stated they gained information and/or skills that will benefit them in their work.

        89% stated they gained information and/or skills that will benefit them in their lives.

        100% stated they would tell a close friend about the conference.

         89% stated the conference met their expectations.

THE CONFERENCE: they rated following excellent or very good:

        The Topics: 94%

        Speakers/Presenters: 100%

        Lectures/Breakout Discussions: 98%

        Quality of the conference: 97%

        Registration: 97%

        The Venue: 100%


        “More emphasis on solutions.”

        “Liked addition of theme books for notes.”

        “Try to include more young men & teenaged boys.”

         “Maybe offer workshops twice so one can attend more.”

        “Could you bring in Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary or Dr. Na'im Akbar.”

        “I really feel that the conference should be two full days with more workshops.”

        “I wish I had access to/earlier ability to advertize conference to more professionals.”

        To reach more people of African descent, especially Africans who are new to USA!

        “Handouts would be nice at the time of the conference or by email prior to conference.”

        “Concrete specific application of action plan to apply: ending…teen pregnancy….actual community opportunities.”

         “I want a little more about how to be involved in doing the work after/every day & building the movement to do this.”



        “Great job!”

         “Well Done!”

         “This was great!”

        Great Conference!!!

        Great group of presenters.

        “Excellent, loved it! Fantastic!!”

        “Excellent presentation, William Oliver.”

        “This is what a conference should be like.”

        I hope to bring my son/grandson next year.

        “It was a wonderful learning. I just enjoyed the experience.”

        “I look forward to recommending next year’s conference to many others.

        “The very best conference because of presenters, organization, venues and topics.”

        Outstanding conference, truly eye opening, transforming. Great for my work and my personal growth.

        “I enjoyed each day and each presenter. They were very informed people. Please continue the good work. I appreciate all you do to pull this together.”

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