June 21, 2013 Day One
June 22, 2013 Day Two
Past Healing Conferences
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The theme for the 2014 conference was HEALING THE VILLAGE.


This was the fifth year of the conference and with a better understanding of the link between intergenerational and historical trauma and disparities in the community. It was the time to use this awareness to promote collaboration, sustainable change and community empowerment.


“The village that hides the truth cannot expect to heal but to pass on the pain.”

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2013 Demographics and Numbers


        44% male and 56% female

        67% was African American

        33% was Non-African American.

        78% work with African American men.

        78% work in the African American community.

        60% attended both days of the conference.

        Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Anoka, Olmsted counties and 5 different states were represented. As well as the Faith community, Public Defender's Office, Community Healthcare Organizations, Child Protection, MNDOC, MN Dept. Of Health, etc.


Overall Impression: they rated following excellent or very good:


Workshops: conference attendees stated

        82% they clearly understood the workshop goals.

        85% they gained information / skills that will benefit me in my work.

        81% they gained information / skills that will benefit me in my life.

        78% they would tell a close friend about this workshop.


Speakers/Presenters: conference attendees agreed to the following

        86% that the speakers/presenters was easy to understand.

        86% that the speakers/presenters was in control of the audience. 

        86% that the speakers/presenters had a good knowledge of subject.

        88% that the speakers/presenters answered audience questions.


Overall impression: conference attendees rated following excellent or very good:

        The Topics: 88%

        Speakers/Presenters: 81%

        Handouts: 77%

        Registration: 75%

        The Venue: 75%



        I was amazed by the speakers. Very beneficial information.

        Can you have a Muslim for those who was African American Muslim man? This would help out a lot. Thank You.

        I enjoyed the conversations at lunch. Kevin Powell was great.

        Keep doing what you (Mr. Simmons) are doing! Keep spreading the word.

        Everything overall excellent!

        “Mr. Garrison is a wealth of mental health information and wisdom. Thank You!”

        It’s been a great 5 years!!! I have started the healing process with my 15 year old grandchild.

        Metro state is beautiful! Awesome workshop facilitators! Very well chosen!!!

        With so much valuable information and great resources of African American folks in one place!!!

For more information 612-721-0106 or brothershealing@comcast.net

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