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2015 Tenth Annual Sons of Bransford Awards Nominations
Past Awardees
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2014 seventh annual awardees were:

  • Elder:  Vincent DeLusia
  • Mentor: Dorsey Howard Jr
  • Mentor: Manu Lewis
  • Young Leader: Desmond Grady
  • Leadership Award: Jeffery D. Hayden
    Educator Award: Stanley J. Hatcher
  • BeMore Youth Leader Award: Sedrique Ametor

2013 seventh annual awardees were:

  • Elder:  Henry Combs
  • Mentor: Reverend Michael Pugh
  • Mentor: Willie D. Wallace
  • Young Leader: Keith K. Mensah
  • Unsung Leader Award: Shawn Lewis
  • BeMore Youth Leader Award: Cory Kemp

2012 seventh annual awardees were:

  • Elder:  Dr. Charles Crutchfield
  • Mentor: Victor "Vick" Walker
  • Mentor: Charles Hallman
  • Young Leader: Trumanue Lindsey
  • Educator Award: Gevonee Ford
  • BeMore Youth Leader Award: Akeem J. Roller

2011 sixth annual awardees were:

  • Elder:  Lee Roy Hawkins
  • Mentor: Jamal Abdur Salaam 
  • Young Leader: Charles Caine
  • Service Award: 89.9 KMOJ FM

2010 fifth annual awardees were:

  • Mentor (Older Man): Reggie Worlds
  • Mentor (Older Man): Jack Strawder
  • Young Leader (Young Man): Charles Helm

2009 fourth annual awardees were:

  • Elder: Milford E. Johnson (Brother Milford)
  • Mentor (Older Man): John Turnipseed
  • Young Leader (Young Man): Reuben Thompson-Amarteifio
  • Historian Award: Professor Mahmoud El Kati

2008 the third annual awardees were:

  • Elder: Matthew Little
  • Older Man: Clarence Jones
  • Young Man: Melvin W. Carter III

2007 second annual awardees were:

  • Elder: Kwame McDonald
  • Older Man: Gary Cunningham
  • Young Man: Eric Mahmoud
  • Founders Award: Terry Wilson, whom had past in 2006, to him as one of the original founders of 100 men take a stand for domestic peace.

2006 the first was our namesake:  Jim Bransford

”…..As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence… When the best leader's work is done the people say, "We did it ourselves!" - Lao-tsu

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