Day One Highlights

Day One Highlights
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Lissa Jones, Executive Director of AAFS and Host of Urban Agenda on KMOJ FM


Ms. Jones passion and love for people is contagious. She engages her audiences with her energy and talent as a public speaker and radio host. Through her mastery of written and oral history, Ms. Jones shines light on issues of disparity, race, poverty, privilege and oppression. She celebrates the diversity in our lives and believes that every culture matters. Recognizing that truth is the essence of healing is one of Ms. Jones core beliefs and she eagerly pushes those around her to do so. 


“Connecting Domestic Violence and Public Health”


W. Curtis Marshall, Public Health Educator/Consultant with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health


The presenter will offer:

  • Domestic violence research relevant to public health
  • Implications of domestic violence on select public health programs
  • Promising practices and successes connecting domestic violence as a public health matter
An evidenced-based tool authored by Linda Chamberlin, PdD, MPH will be presented.  A PowerPoint and guidebook will be used to make the case for violence prevention to private and public healthcare providers.  Key public health topics to be discussed which impact domestic violence will include but not limited will be: 1) Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV 2) Perinatal Program and 3) Child and adolescent health

“Going Home…Staying Home”

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Sharen Southard and Robert Tesch-Stevson, MCORP Supervised Release Officers


This session will explain the Department of Corrections pilot program: Minnesota Comprehensive Offender Reentry Plan and the resent research results related to African-American Men and Women. There is a national movement to address the impact of incarceration as it relates to communities, corrections practices and costs. Minnesota is one of the States that is funding Reentry Services to reduce recidivism. Familiarize participants with Department of Corrections Reentry model: Minnesota Comprehensive Offender Reentry Plan (MCORP).

  • Create a comprehensive list of offender strengths and challenges.
  • Provide a working knowledge of goal setting, related to criminogenic needs of an assessment tool.

“Surviving The Game”

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Tina M. Jackson, M.Ed., Faculty at  Mpls Community & Technical College

The mission of this workshop is to provide financial educational resources for youth workers, teachers and social workers. During this workshop we will focus on unique ways to teaching financial literacy for urban youth and ways to educate students about identifying survival skills for life’s roadblocks, challenges and disappointments. Key concepts included are: 1) Economic Development Making The Connection between school, work and wealth, 2) Following your plan and being prepared for roadblocks!, 3) How to deal with conflict, 4) Why passion must be included in your plan, 5) Money Management Tips, 6) Setting realistic goals.


“Seeing Beyond the Baby Daddy”


Sam Simmons ADC, Behavioral Consultant and Conference Organizer


The mission of this workshop is to increase awareness of practitioner, community leaders or anyone working with urban fathers by taking a non-judgmental look beyond the “Baby Daddy” title to indentify the origins in a afford to empower fathers to overcome beliefs and behaviors that act as self-imposed barriers to them being more than a “Baby Daddy” but responsible fathers and stopping the cycle of fatherless children.
  • Participants will have an increased awareness of the origins of the present conditioning of urban fathers or the Baby Daddy title or syndrome.
  • Participants will have an increased awareness of what influence the Baby Daddy syndrome can have on father’s beliefs and behaviors that sabotages their ability to be healthy fathers.
  • Participants will identify strategies to support urban fathers to see beyond the Baby Daddy title to become responsible fathers to stop the cycle of fatherless children and decrease family poverty.

“Real Talk in Dealing with Young Black Males & Black Pain”

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LaRone Greer, Director of Project Imani


Project Imani is designed to facilitate the education & empowerment of African American boys through school, home, & community.  Through this discussion, African American boys are challenged to fight or flight with this Black Pain.

  • Describe the critical issues of trauma which impact the adolescent African American males.
  • Learn about strategies designed to engage African American males around issues related to trauma in their life course.
  • Explore the importance of using culturally relevant life skills models to engage adolescent African American males with the utilization of Nguzo Saba in dealing with Black pain (trauma).

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